Friday, March 12, 2010

where have i been.
this week flew by.
i can't wait for monday.
2 nights in vegas.
2 nights in beverly hills.
3 nights in laguna beach.
you bet i can't wait.
i also can't wait to
its been a full house lately.
mom had lots of birth lady friends.
i like joanna.
gave pres some corn rows.
i love moms vacuum.
my hairs even blonder today.
i got the lady gaga mac lipstick,
i'm nuts.
carson went to nursery,
he looked real cute.
i half way practiced driving the blue.
had a dream last night that my teeth
were stuck together
and one of them broke and fell out.
and the novoselskiys were in it.
and thats about all thats new.
something i can't wait for


michelle said...

your trip sounds so sooo fun! is little carson bear going with you? Where do I get my clothes.. uhh I wear any/every giant sized plain t shirt I can find with leggings. Everyday. im so boring lol thanks for blogging! it makes me happy

Sarah Reese said...

very jealous of your travels. and your blogging style.