Thursday, March 25, 2010

this place is gloomy all the time.
someday i belong in california for good.
my ged books came.
but my long beebsitting days are right now.
so i will do em this weekend.
me and kody are going to lagoon soon.
im dying for a rollercoaster.
and i'm also, dying my hair back dark.
maybe someday me and blonde will work out.
i think dads dry cleaning didnt make it in time.
i hope hes not mad at me.
hes my friend.
i like coming over to keep him company,
even if hes just watching his shows,
and i'm checkin my internet thangs.
my boy got staples in his head.
i half way can drive stickshift.
i still need a spotter.
nothing beats HOMEMade Cupcakes.
sprinkles cupcakes got me in the mood.
carson really reminds me of lucas.
my new bag already lost a button.
lifes rough.
and i'm ready for somethin new.
for shooooor.

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