Thursday, February 11, 2010

kody and his white hair.
me and my Orange. :)
what have i done.
i kinda sorta messed up my highlights again.
just like last time.
thinkin, oh ill just put a few more in my self...
naww... crap.
didnt leave it on long enough...
i cant show my face.
but i cant go back black just yet.
since i'm already out of the black,
i think ill try somethin new...
this wasnt what i had in mind.
p.s. me and kody went snowboarding on monday!
first time since liiiike 6 years agO?
it was soooo fun.
i'm going again and again.
and candice and i went to the gateway,
and i got some anthro valentine prizes,
mom already peeked...
but i dont know if the others
will get through the mail in time.
we'll see we'll see...
facebook makes me sick lately.
and so does not having a house.
quite yet.
nat cooks better than me,
and her ziti was a perfect olive garden match.
i want more.
i love this season.
almost spring.
and love day.
and a vacation in the mix.
and tax money on the way.
and a cute new white leather jacket that i got.
chow friends.


lovely lindsay said...

oh jade. what have you done? who am i to talk - i pretty much did the little boy version of that mistake to lucas.
your phone won't work.
call me sometime.

Pres8Jes said...

i impressed myself with that ziti, i was thinkin i liked your hair when i saw it today. i think just have some one do one more load of highlights, when i had blonde hair i capped in and bleached it and there was just a bunch of different blondes and i liked it. i wanna see your jacket we still need to go to the kids.!!
see ya in the morning. i miss your apt.

cathmom said...

Happy love day Jade! You and Kod, cute.