Wednesday, January 13, 2010

well i did it.
and i'm so proud of myself.
i have my drivers license.
oh my.
i am going to run away now...


Steen said...

now come over.

michelle said...

eli just text me and said he took his drivers licence test today and he failed! haha

you did good jade!

mimi said...

very good, jade

cathmom said...

do it jade. take off for paradise. i'm going to when i get my mini cooper.
way to go!!!!!!!

naturaljoy said...


Mr. Furious said...

nice! what's next?

Life of Temptation said...

Hi Jadeee

Your bloggg is so neat..clean hehe..
I need to get my liscence =/
hahaha Im going to followww you noww:P I cant even remember my 2009 resolution ahaha.. Take caree babeee && adddd me!!~

<3 Cindyy

The Fords said...

yay!! Halla! :)
When are we goin to play?????? It's been forever.