Tuesday, January 26, 2010

theres so many things on my to do right now.
it's so hard not having a car to drive.
all i need to do is get that blue car registered
and a new window put in. oh AND learn to drive it.
but next major on my list is getting my ged.
i'm going nuts i want it now.
i want to sign up for school.
i cant even wait!
were moving out of our apartment.
we are looking at these cute places over by jordan landing.
kody is in school again.
its good for him. two REALLY hard classes...
carson knows how to open the back door.
and i'm scared he's gonna escape.
i don't blame him for wanting to run away.
but anyways, i'm planning our vacation.
it's going to be in cali.
and a stop in vegas...
and some quality time with my boyzzz.
i feel like i can't go out of the house right now
because my skin has gotten so bad.
i hope annnndrea will help me.
seriously though.

1 comment:

lovely lindsay said...

off to look up your GED stuff right now. i'll get back to you.
it's always something else - isn't it. cross one thing off your list and on to the next. keep going. keep rolling. be happy with now.
i miss you. did you get those pictures i sent you???
love, lindsay