Friday, November 6, 2009

woke up this mornin, it was a good day.
got loooootts of groceries last night.
and i put all of our clean laundry away,
and everything looked nice.
babysat the kids again.
presley really is becoming probably my best friend.
found out the car stereo got stolen from little blue car.
then i went to lunch with my mommma at noodles.
i need a new girly friend.
someone who likes to go to the mall a lot.
like me. even if you dont buy anything.
i feel like makin a polyvore.
i'm so glad our rent is paid.
but now my last bit of change has to be
saved for christmas or there wont be any
christmas for us...
i think i want to buy myself a coloring book
and some crayons. is that weird?
oh and i put conditioner in carsons hair
and it looks good today.
haha bye


Pres8Jes said...

carsons hair DID look good today. presley is a good best friend. call me to go to the mall. i always think about going, but never do lately. and i need someone to go wit.
i bought presley 5 colorbooks but we already had crayons. i should send them over.
well, call me

mimi said...

jade - i will watch carson while you go to the mall. i'm no good at the mall anymore. what does that mean?!
i want some enchiladas. that sounds really good.
when do you take your driving test again?
see you soon

lovely lindsay said...

call briana's sister to come be your friend. she's cute!