Tuesday, October 6, 2009

happy fall.
i love this season.
and i LOVE halloween.

nothins new.
so i havent blogged in a while.
i lost my camera somewhere i moms house.
so no new pictures either.
we're doin okay.
my apartments not that bad because the spiders
haven't come out.
it's been pretty chilly out.
todays the first day i've seen some real sunshine.
i finally got my social security card
so i need to get to the dmv.
babysitting wears me out.
bella bit carsons face today.
i'm mad at her...
i wonder what carson should be for halloween.
i think we're gonna take him to thanksgiving point
this weekend and let him play.
oh ya kody got another temp job for acs again.
that will be nice...
i wish they would just permanently hire him.
we want to move to cali.
i dont know where we belong.
i like late night drives.
my hair is growing but the ends are still uneven
from my bad hair cut like two months ago.
i think i might shave my head.
ya right.
or maybe ill go blonde.
i'm getting tired of my same same revlon brownblack.

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