Wednesday, October 28, 2009

i've been updating my blog a lot. cause i have a lot of free time at home and no cable... and i figured out how to use the camera on the computer to take pictures of things... its not the best quality but idont care.
i just made some peanut butter cookies.
my moms on her way home, i think.
kodys exhausted and sleeping because he stayed up too late watching tv seasons on dvd.
carsons eating lil crunchies. i dont know why they called them that.
i hate the way it sounds.
aaannnd my house is pretty peaceful.
i've also been thinking about how i'm almost 20 years old/
and it's weird. because i've been alive 20 whole years almost.
thats a long time.
and thats about it.
halloween is coming too fast.
i'm just taking my KID trick or treating.
well heres the new coffee table of a steal we got.
its cute ya?

oh and thats just kody sleeping over there.


Pres8Jes said...

i love your new coffee table. & your new jeans, i want to copy you and get some of my own.
congratulations on passing your written test, im verrrry proud of you.
im in a happy mood.

michelle said...

lol weird...
today I was thinking
'jade never posts pictures of this apartment' but you did of your old one
and when i was getting ready today I was also thinking of how im going to be 20 soon and I always used to look up to people that were in their 20s. like they were so cool.
and halloween is coming too soon my costumes not ready.

michelle said...

I just wrote lol in the beginning and the end of that. ew I dont usually do that.