Sunday, September 13, 2009

stiiiir fry again.
saw my grams for a min.
gloomy clouds out all day.
my face is throbbing red,
i hate cetaphil, and dove.
my bangs are long.
kody works 11pm-6am,
then 7:30am-2pm..
then he sleeps.
and squeezes in school.
that is just toooo much.
i'm ready for a tan again.
i wish i could go to reflections
right NOW.
i want to buy a cute new outfit.
i'm still in these same pink sweats,
brown plaid roxy shoes,
and my ilovedc t shirt.
oh and dont forget my everyday
lazy pony tail.
babysitting errday.
is there any books to study the
ged test without taking a class?
one thing i love about slc:

bens cookies.
which i wannnnnnnnnnnnnnntttttt...


lovely lindsay said...

i miss you and your pink sweats. i'm wearing my red hollister ones. you gift me the best things.
those cookies just reminded me that i have something in my etsy cart for you that was waiting for me to get paid...
love, lin

mimi said...

jade - i want to go tanning at that place in pasco....where I turned red and wore stickers on my eyes the wrong way.

michelle said...

oooooh reflections tanning fo free. we miss you kody and carson

did you read my comment about cetaphil on your other blog and how you should try Philosophy?

I hate when you blog about food because it always looks soo good and there is no chance that I will get these Bens cookies or whatever they are called.

I hope kodys sched gets better, doesnt sound fun at all.