Wednesday, August 12, 2009

today was kind of a happy day. even though i havent really done anything. i watched jack this morning early and me and him and rej all took a nap and i woke up to a giant spider morfing into a hole in the corner if the carpet i went to get a shoe and came back and it was gone. that doesnt help my spider phobia very much... then kody came home and said that the food stamps money was on our card so we got some groceries for our apartment finally! we just cooked a big ol pizza to celebrate. except i feel like there is a spider family living in the carpet beneath my feet and that is all i can think about! barf... oh and im starting a new face wash routine. and im taking a before photo to see if it helps my face... but im not going to post the photo of course... ew. but i got a cetaphil face wash that i heard was good, i'm excited to try it. anyway i guess ill go eat some pizza. jack is my friend and he smiles a lot in his sleep. i think he loves to sleep. i do... and carson is getting so smart. i wish he could talk to me.

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