Monday, August 10, 2009

so on friday me and kody got to go on our date and it was so fun! we went to costa vida for dinner because it's what we both always crave and never get to have. and then for a treat while we waited for the show to start we went to lollicup... hilary took me there once and i always thought it was the most interesting place and have been wanting to go back there. it's like smoothies, frozen yogurt, slushes, tea or coffee, and at the bottom you can get like these jelly things put in. then you get a fat straw to suck them out with your smoothie. it was sooooooooo good! i had to take a picture because everyone thought it sounded weird.
okay but so after that we went to the saltimbanco cirque du soliel show it was sooooo funny and fun! i'm glad we got to get out for a minute together.
ii LOVE you kody.


naturaljoy said...

I've totally had those, they're like asian I think.

Pres8Jes said...

will you and kody take me there? lets go back to the beach.