Saturday, July 25, 2009


last night

had a bbq with mom and dad. salmoncaca, and i had a hotdog.
went and saw kody's family lighting their fireworks and had a chocolate popsicle.
then we went and visited mooch at her little house and watched the Soup.
jack is lookin big.
kody is scrubbing my dads car.
he cannot stop.
and is no where near done he says.
it's already been 4 hours...
something i can't wait for...
kodys birthday wednesday.
he wannnnts a german chocolate cake.
i can't wait to show him what i got him.
i've been working hard to pay my mom off for it.
oh and i like my new shoes,
they're comfy...

off to swim at the pooooool tonite.


Pres8Jes said...

thanks for sharing an izze with me and thanks for coming to visit us.
you and jack need to become good friends...almost time to get back to work....and give you work. i like your new shoes.

michelle said...

oooooh I love your new shoes (I have them in purple but never wear them!)why did you guys have fireworks? and I think kody needs to come scrub my car. bad. lol