Monday, July 27, 2009

encino man

so last night i finally watched coraline and i didn't even like it that much. i'm hopin today for some tomato soup and grilled cheese but i know it's not happenin. reggie has a little fever and is sleepin the day away. poor bean. i lost my social security card so now i have to go get a new one in order to get my license and it's just so complicating. i hope food stamps money gets on our card this week. i'm dyin to cook a dinner at my house.
kody went golfing with my dad and really liked it. he had to go back later and hit some driving range balls cause he wanted to practice. and now he wants a golf pass. that's cool though cause i actually like golfing my self.
i'm also planning a camping trip for me and kody and rej.
yeah. my moms blog is cute now too. way to go mama.
why is food so good?

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