Wednesday, July 22, 2009

cloudy meatballs

so i'm growing my hair out long and never cutting it. i do not like short hair cuts on me. anymore. our apartment is clean so i felt like hanging out in it today. my back is aching. maybe its from all the cleaning i've been doing at moms. i neeeed a chiropractor to help me. why can't i make up my mind for things. i get to order something online my pick for cleaning moms basement, and i can't even decide. so i might as well get nothing. i'm so weird. i hate rainy days. but today i wish it would rain. i feel like sitting in the rain. i have nothing in my fridge except three kinds of lemonade. and i made bisquick biscuits from the recipe on the box. and they were really good. carson and i kept saying "mmmm!". me and kody miss our old apartment. the summer is going fast. i wanted it to be here and i wasted it. but i think next summer or the summer after that might be better for me. okay bye.


michelle said...

now that its summer, sometimes I wish for rainy dayz too.

naturaljoy said...

that's what everyone does for their whole life you know wish they were doing something else, living somewhere else, had a different hairdo, etc. etc. so basically your just normal and it will always be like that:) Why do you think my hair has been long then short then long every other year.

Pres8Jes said...

that picture could be you jenny.
i wanted rain really bad yesterday, im so so sick of this heat