Friday, July 3, 2009

another post about makeup,
and the new place....
okay, so we got into our new place on monday, at first it made us all nervous, but once we got our stuff in it looked pretty cute, and i like my kitchen. i still miss my old apartment. but i guess i'm just not used to this one yet. i like it though. i'll have to post picture when my cameras not dead. but thats all thats new. i need to get signed up for food stamps again that will be great.
i can't stop wanting new makeup. why does it make me really happy to look at makeup at the store? i am so weird.
i've been scoping out good products and reading what the best ones are...
on my must haves list that i've got my eye on.
i'm savin up.


Pres8Jes said...

is that givenchy mascara???
i want the last stilleto.

naturaljoy said...

I wish you guys were still around, it's quiet here and I don't know where lIndsay is, we just got back from our vacation yesterday. Is she there?