Friday, June 26, 2009

i've been blogless. i don't know what to write anymore. too much has happend so i don't know where to start. i left my washington apartment. it was sad. i miss the kitchen. and my crazy neighbors. and good people. and yeah. i've just been at the mall. and carson has been sick. baby jack came into this world yesterday. we are waiting to hear a for sure on the apartment. i really hope we got in. i'm really tired a lot. presleys been hanging out with me. i like her. i miss my washington family. and bike ridin. i've been lazy, quiet and slumpy lately. if that is even a word. carsons birthday is coming. i am a very poor folk. and kodys birthday is right after. i finally stopped cutting my hair so much. it's getting hot. too hot out. i finally got myself a new shirt. there thats my blog... byye

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michelle said...

thank you for blogging!
I love it and the thing I miss most about my old home is the kitchen.