Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Weekend Adventure...

I got to tag along on Lin and Amy's seattle trip, it was so much fun. I babysit little Gavin for my first time too. Were friends now. Pretty sure. I can't wait to go back and take my little family. I had so much fun.
I tried to take lots of pictures.

drivin to seattle. with all the pretty trees. i love it.

some cranes in the city for nat.

the little boys starting to get grouchy in the car.

The Rock Pizza Place

It was really yummy pizza, and it had all different pizzas named after cool things.

Harvest moon pizza.

BLueC Sushi. I don't dare try sushi yet, but it was the cutest little sushi place i ever saw... The sushi plates would circle around the whole restaurant. Weird...

a picture of the apple store for jeff. hhaha

I can't forget about Panera Bakery, because that french toast bagel was delicious.

regggie passed out after a long day...

The confectionary Candy shop. cutest place i ever been in. I had to buy a few things.... :]

Sonrisa modernmex. Best mexican food. And chips. I better go back there!

My camera died once we left these little shops and got to Pikes Market, But that's okay it smelled like stinky fish. The ocean part with really cool though.
I can't wait to take you there KODy!!!!!!

Bye fun weekend get away.


lovely lindsay said...

you were no tag-a-long. it wouldn't have been as fun in american apparel without you. thanks for coming. now - after seeing these pictures - i must walk and walk and walk. bye.

cathmom said...

Oh, I feel like I was there. Amazing what a 2 day get away can do for the soul. Great picture story Jade.

mimi said...

great vacation. great weekend. it wouldn't have been the same without you there. we should do more weekend trips....

michelle said...

this is the best picture post yet.
I NEED to make taking pictures a priority. your trip looks super fun! I want to go to all those cute little shops! and that candy store and the pizza place and the mexican place...okay I think im just super hungry right now lol.