Thursday, April 16, 2009

boring post, don't read.

-well we arent sure if were moving into the peter pan anymore, like i'm almost positive we would get accepted, but seriously it's kinda making me nervous the things i read about those apartments. am i just a wuss?
-also, i finally been exercising a lot, i hope i keep this up. and i started drinking more water and i feel really good. i never drink water...
-i can't wait for some summer clothes.
-i think were taking another utah trip pretty soon, we need to figure out what were doing with ourselves.
-i'm pretty sure i am done cutting my hair... i think kody should hide all scissors from me. seriously.
-carson is getting really smart too, his teeth are showing so much and they're really cute. and he REALLY doesn't even let me leave the room without him. my back has been killing me!
-i can't wait to hear all about my mom and dad's hawaii adventures too.
-i really like when people are nice to me. and when lin lets me eat her yummy dinners after a long babysitting day.
-I'm pretty excited that Carson is getting bigger now.
He has been my best friend.

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Pres8Jes said...

those shoes are adorable where do they come from?
why dont you think you get into peterpan?
as ive been cruisin craigslist, ive been seeing cheap one bedrooms, so dont think there isnt a place for you guys if you dont get accepted there.
thanks for that recipe, pres and i are gettin groceries tonight and i will put those ingredients on my list.
you know i love coffee cake.
ive been loving pb&j sandwiches lately, its funny i eat them at least once a day.
push the water, dont drink anything but h2o, i swear thats what helped me lose my pregnancy weight, and exercise, keep it up.
i been more aware of eating better while im pregnant, and gettin a small amt of exercise so it wont be so hard once the babys out. ack, doesnt it suck?
well call me tonight or something.