Tuesday, April 28, 2009


i am hoping for a good day today
it's pretty gloomy out i hate when that happens.
i've been making good dinners at home.
carson and kody sure have been good friends lately.
i got carson some really cute shoes yesterday,
but i think i'm going to save them for a birthday present...
since he can't even walk yet anyways.
oh they are the cutest shoes ever.
its not letting me put pictures on my blog right now.
thats dumb. i had some cute new ones. :[
i wish someone would come over to my apartment
and watch the hills with me.
am i lame because i like that show?
speidi got married this weekend.
i've watched this baby einstein dvd probably
over 100 times already.
i'm getting a new bike you know.
my little family has been making me very happy lately.
and i'm' so glad carson is my best friend.
he's a really loving good friend.
i'm glad that everythings been alright.

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