Wednesday, March 18, 2009

i know its not the best sun shiny day today. but i'm still gonna go out for a walk. i'm like sitting around doing nothing waiting for babies to wake up from naps. so when they wake up we're going on a walk.
kody is basically working full time now. which is good for us.
we're planning a seattle trip for our anniversary, don't know if it will work out but that's ok.
i've been trying to make friends...
it's kinda half way working out... i don't really know.
it seems really empty or something with lindsay and the lil fam out of town.
i've been having some pretty happy days though.
i think it's the weather though.
i know it is actually.
i can't wait for so many things...
i love when theres stuff going on.

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naturaljoy said...

I know there's people who would like to be your friend