Wednesday, March 4, 2009

burned pizzzzzzzzza

i want the baby diesel shoes for carson... :(
hes been calllin me mmaamamaa.
i just burned my lunch and its all i could find to eat.
i hate that.
i'm lonely today until 6:30.
olive garden tonight sounds so good.
i got lucky on my tax returns!
pretty sure i'm going to go to school here.
its been so sunny here almost 70!
kody says its raining in pasco....
i sure love it when spring is in the air.

i can't WAIT for april 12.

1 comment:

naturaljoy said...

we'll miss you here but I hope you guys feel happier in Utah. I guess the stuff you like is there, you should try somewhere like new york or san fransisco, talk about shopping! They'd put Utah to shame. Anyway I hope you come back soon. Did Kody tell you about the silly pack and play someone gave us, oh well.