Sunday, March 1, 2009

Being in Utah.

well i sure wish i could post all the pictures i've takin of things i've been doing, but i forgot my camera cord to hook up to the computer thinking my parents would have one... but they don't have one that fits mine. Darn... it's been soooooo wonderful and great to be here in Utah. I really have been having lots of fun! my parents house is so cute now. it just seems different. but i feel the same, i even have been preferring to sleep on the couch rather than the guest bed. and my moms little office is starting to look really cute. it looks perfect for her. and i get to stay here an extra few days we decided and hang out with my fam. which is cool. cause the weather here is pretty great too. and ya. kody is on his way home Now though,,,,, :(
i did make everyone cinnamon rolls though. and me and nat did make some delicious manicotti homemade mmmmmm...
so lets see so far:
-said hello to the fat dogs
-eat cafe rio
-eat noodles & co.
-go shopping
-target because its updated here
-old navy because its updated here too
-bake a good dinner
-and a good treat
-see carson's great great grandpa
-go to forever 21 (dad's taking me today wooooo!!!)
-go to church in the old ward
-maybe see some old friends...
-carson see a doctor specialist
-work out on moms exercise thing
-castle house
-coraline 3D
-see nat and steens apartment
-steen cut my hair
-blah blah blah


lovely lindsay said...

i am happy for you and all the things you're crossing off your list. imagine me. in k-town. in my house. a target full of last years goods. sad. sad. sad. have fun with dad today. give him a big hug for me and my boys and maybe even stuff him in your suitcase so he can come meet mr. g.
and book me an appointment with steen, too. i need a trim and a dye.
oh- and you must sleep one night in the yellow bedroom. it's sweet and dreamy.
love, lin

Hilary said...

Jade. Call me please I want to see you before you leave.