Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wow, so much going on.
I'm so happy my sister got to come over! Pretzel and Her are so cute. We snuck over to COOLBeans for a treat yesterday morning and then had a great TacoJohn's lunch. mmmm... and Hubbys for dinner! It's been nice to have a friend. Really. I feel like I just babysit all the time. Last week I even had all three of the kids, Tegon, Cameron and Rej at the same time cause Tegon's parents needed an extra day..... It's been crazy. And I haven't seen Kody in a whole week almost and I'm really missing his guts! And running out of money! But I'm surviving. I didn't know it is going to cost me $15 a bag to check plus filling up the gas tank! Plus groceries. How am I going to do all that? Oh life... Seriously... I'm learning to budget money good at least. I can't wait to see everyone in Utah. It's going to be so weird because I haven't been back once since I left. And I'm dyyyyyying to go to forever 21 and just the whole gateway in general. I have so many things on my list i need to do there. I'm so excited.

Whaaat nicole richie is pregnant again? awwwww...

Carson is all over the place, he keeps my pretty busy. He wants to be a big kid so bad. I need to get him one of those walker toys. I've just been really happy lately. Because I feel good about things these days. I think something good is in store for us.


cathmom said...

Good news Jade. Only Delta charges for bags. You guys are coming home on Southwest. Free on the suitcase. Send some pictures!

michelle said...

what nicole richie pregnant!? YES! I love her.