Sunday, February 1, 2009

its hard to make decisions when i feel like i have to do what everyone else wants me to do. i know i know but i should do what i want. but it still doesnt change the fact that i still feel like that.

i love baby gavin.
he's so tiny and perfect.
i can't believe my eyes.

i'm having a hard time.
decisions decisions.

i'm thinking of valentines day.
its probably my favorite holiday.
i want to do something special.


naturaljoy said...

I used to think I had to do what everyone else wanted a lot, It's happier when you can make decisions that you know are best for you even if you worry that others will not like it, it's always going to be like that though.

Pres8Jes said...

yeah jenny, i think alot of people do worry what others think or will think, i know i do.
but really, you do what you need to do, and in the end, it really doesnt matter what anyone THINKS.
please call me, this is ridiculous trying to get ahold of you.
presley loves looking at all your pictures, we miss redg.
i already filed my taxes.
dad has a program, or you can just print off the forms and do it yourself. its not hard, but i can help you guys. or h&
you can file right online without having to mail anything and its quicker and they just charge 30 bucks for that. im waiting on my fortune right now, but i plan on saving it.
presley makes the biggest messes, she gets things out faster than i can pick up, its sooooooooooooo annoying,.right now she s diggin through my jewelry box.
uhhhh call me