Monday, January 12, 2009

he's growin up. really. i didn't realize he was such a LIttle bean until now because now i wish he was still little little. that makes no sense. he is so funny. him and his baby einstein show. he looooooves. i got a lucky surprise from my gram tonite too for my kitchen, CUTE martha bowls. and she made that delicious white chicken chili soup. i need that recipe. but i dont know how you do chili beans at all. long day tomorrow. my laundry has already PILED up like crazy. it makes me sick to look at. and i really dislike having a trackphone, i feel like i'm shut out from the rest of the people out there because i can't speak to them hardly. oh i made rice krispies tonight. maybe i should take people over some plates of them becasue they are going to kill me if i eat all of them. i miss presley, everytime i see a picture of her. she is so cute. and her hair. and her little voice. gosh. my eyes burn. and i WANT A GOCCO machine. and i can't wait to see my mom.


Pres8Jes said...

i'll see you in a month

the Anderson's said...

Oh Jade - He is soooo cute! Kody said he loves that baby einstein movie. He said that Reggie is like glued to it. That is so funny! I can't wait to see you guys soon.

We love you three and miss you too!

naturaljoy said...

What about a house phone ya know, you can talk on those forever and they definately don't cost as much as a cell phone. You have a cordless one already don't you?