Sunday, December 7, 2008

keepin on

it's already december seventh?
my apartment is really cozy and warm tonight. and i am feeling more in the christmas spirit today. my tree all lit up. i'm craaaaving hot chocolate bad!!! and all the cute shoes i have been putting aside for carson to wear don't even fit him now. kody is home today and we spent the day together. i don't know what to get for christmas presents. i'm the worst person at making up my mind on what to buy. ask anyone. on the way home the car lights burnt out on the inside and outside. and i think the car might break down. great...
i'm also getting excited thinking about lindsays baby coming.
i wish someone wanted to go to the movies tonight.
if you want cookies im making some chocolate chips.
p.s. i miss my mother

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naturaljoy said...

The blue car can't die it's a family legacy, We'll make her work again.