Wednesday, December 31, 2008

i started the twilight book. i wanted to see what all the fuss was about. it's okay so far. it's not boring though. or i would have stopped reading it by now. i'm in search of a delicious recipe -mexican chicken corn chowder. all online recipes of it just aren't the same. what do i do? it was the best thing i ever had! theres not much for me to do around here when no one needs a babysitter. kody has been working a lot of hours anyway which is good. i guess i just need to take care of me, which i am almost better, and take care of reggie. his medicine i got is actually working good so far. and i really liked his new pediatrician he was nice. i still don't have much of an appreciation for hospital doctors anymore though. i took him to the ER... of all places isn't that supposed to be emergency care? keyword: "CARE". well they sure did not help one bit. or even seem to CARE. i can't even believe. amelia and karen were much better help. i guess i am calling them next time. i can't wait until these infections are good. i can't believe he has had it for this long. i'm so sorry reggie. anyway. it's new years eve. another holiday. ... i'm unprepared. and counting down the days until my mom gets here and sees my new place! i'm also, working on my paintshop program and i have been making really cute labels (so i think...) and i'm learning. and pretty soon maybe i will sell them or something. i'm excited about this new project of mine. i'm rambling on about nothing. i don't know what i'm supposed to blog about. or why i blog about these things. rej takes this really long nap in the mornings and i have nothing to do. i'm thinking of cutting my own hair off... like short. it's a tangled mess


lovely lindsay said...

1. i love the new header. you've got skills and i can't wait to see what you do with them. i'll be saving my pennies to spend them in your shop.
2. i think you and short hair would be realllllly cute.
3. pregnancy makes my arms huge.
4. carson reggie is the bravest boy at the pediatrician i know.
love, lindsay

Mr. Furious said...

You guys are really doing great--I'm very impressed with you and Kody: jobs, college, apartment, recipes. I'm so proud of you both. Don't give up--Happy 2009!

the Anderson's said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! We hope you are having a great one! I hope you are all feeling much better. We have been so worried about all of you.
Love ya!

michelle said...

I thought I commented this a long time ago...but I guess I didnt. anyways my sister gave me Twilight the book for my birthday so far I have only had time to read like the first 10 pages. is it good? and I have that beanie too. twins again.