Monday, December 15, 2008

i havent posted in a while because nothing is new. and nothing is interesting lately. i am not feeling so christmassy this year... other than that it snowed finally and i'm mad because it's pretty cold out there. the heater in our apartment won't warm this place up. so if you want to be warm you have to sit by it. carson is five months old now. and i'm sad that he is getting big. really sad. i have been babysitting like crazy around here. drop one off and get another. it's funny. this is my first relaxation time. rej is asleep and kody is at mcdonalds. i am happy about my grocery card though. i can bake delicious treats for everyone. i tried to make funny stuffed animals for reggies christmas present, that did not work out. i think i need some practice. i think i want a sewing machine too. for my own. i wanna make things. i'm liking it. i barely ever leave pasco anymore. and theres nothing out in pasco. so i think i haven't seen the real world in a while. once it gets warm kody and i are going to seattle. i can't wait for summer now. i'm just not liking this cold. especially when my coat is too small. ew. and i miss making art. and drawing. i cant do it like i used to. or maybe i just havent tried. i need supplies. asldfjl
there. thats all. i miss my sisters. and presley, and i am wondering if her bangs are grown yet.


Pres8Jes said...

i shout out for you on my blog, cute background again.

it looks/feels like snowglobe snow here.
call me soon.

the Anderson's said...

What a sweet picture of Carson. We miss you guys! I hope everything is going well. I am so excited for both of you going to the temple. That is awesome! Have a great week. Love you guys.