Saturday, November 8, 2008

free chair

Yes, we got a free chair! It was down the street with a sign that said FREE. and it's just like my broken circle chair at home except a lot squishier and its tan suede. Pretty nice if you ask me. And I got a library card today. So if you know of any good books let me know. Because I'm going to start reading more often since I don't do a lot. It's already Saturday? The weeks fly by so fast here. But I am sure this next week will go by extremely SLOOOOw because I just can't wait until we get into our place. I want to see it so so so bad!!! Well, I'm really craving INCA. And I discovered that it's only 2.75 for a delicious Enchilada there. mmm.. and a shirley temple. What does everyone want for christmas?

1 comment:

Michelle said...

me and eli had inca last night fo dinna

except hes handicap so we had it to go and ate it in my bedroom.

I want tinted windows for christmas, and someone to buy me couches, and big warm sweatshirts Id also take new towels for my bathroom and uhhh lessons&shoes.

what do you want for chirstmas, huh?