Tuesday, November 18, 2008

busy bee.

We have our own nest now. A place that I can call Home again. My very own. I love it. I love how little and sweet it is. Even though there isn't anywhere to sit. I'm fine with the floor. I have been so extremely busy. With inlaws here. And baby reggie. And moving in. And now, i'm taking on a new challenge. Babysitting for this little family in the neighborhood who's been needing some help. It's a six month old baby boy. So it's a lot of work but it's not that bad. Just that he misses his own mother. But I can do it. Two babies! Ahhh. Anyways, if anyone reading this has any type of furniture or house stuff or even foooood they don't need. let me know. :)


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the Anderson's said...

Jade it was so nice to see you, Kody and the baby. Your apartment is darling! I am so thankful for the people in your ward giving you table and chairs, and a couch. That is awesome. Did you guys go back to Bed, Bath and Beyond? Your apartment is really coming together. Just wait till you hang all your pictures. It will look really complete.

I enjoyed spending the day with you and the baby. We love you guys! And with you watching the other baby those few days - just get in some kind of a schedule that will help.

Miss you already. Love Janeen