Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Lindsay asked me to do this

Top 10 etsy favorites of Today that is :

any art from this shop for my walls

or ANY by yellena

white ball earrings..
these ones are by mosaicroro

{3} a cool notebook/journal with an artsy cover

this is by madebykeli

cute clock

I LOVE THIS sweet little ring

By nicoleLorentz


by saidie


by susyjack

this because my living room color will eventually be black/white(cream)


this of course
i want bad

made by lovelylindsay herself.

by yogagoat

1 comment:

Pres8Jes said...

you would like a bird on a leash! & those fab i want it!!!

you should see these pigtails today, presley goes in the pantry and says bye going to annies or going to get gas or going to lunch and shuts herself in there then comes out and says 'hello, how are yoU!?'

text me more i like it. and funny brad went to school with chris, he was a year younger though, pssh