Saturday, October 18, 2008

well a few things that happend today.
reggie fell off the couch in the middle of the night... oops. then we all got cleaned up and went to the park and relaxed. we bought some cheesecake and brought it to jeffs for dinner, which by the way we had theee greatest enchiladas there. then we came by to amy's and kody's family was all ready to go so soon and said goodbye and are now on their way back to utah.
kody and i wish they would have stayed at least till the morning to visit.
anyways, that was the day.
i don't feel like posting about jobs.
it's so stressful.
we'll see what happens monday...
we're trying.
i keep looking at this honeycomb necklace.
i think i really like it...

and i'm pretty sure i really want it.
from :)
i have been looking at some really cool stuff online today and i found so so many cute things i just reaaaaaalllllly want. and for one, i want a calendar. and i need one.


mimi said...

ah...jade...thanks for taking care of my boy. i really love you.
i feel homesick today.
homesick for my little space in kennewick and homesick for something else...but i'm not sure what. not quite sure what it is.

cathmom said...

I love that necklace jade. Read "The Secret Life of Bees" and it's yours!