Thursday, October 16, 2008

"just when the little caterpiller thought the world was over, he turned into a butterfly"

amy has the cutest magnet on her fridge.
but anyway

so i been feeling like hopeless today. i know its a stupid word to use. but whatever.

kodys family is here visiting... its great. it's been fun. not much for them to do here, but it's good company. it really makes me miss my mom and dad and wish they would be visiting me up here. i dont know. i don't know what is up with me. and today was our first day watching cameron. he's been great. i really like him. and every body had me worried he wouldn't fall asleep, but he fell sound asleep in bed just him. and reggie by his side.
i'm feeling like i dont know where we belong.
in utah we have a job, but no where to live.
here we have a place to live, but no job.
i dont even know anymore.
i think we don't belong anywhere.
or something.
i'm just really homesick.
but i can't go home because there's nothing at my home.
so i think we don't know what to do anymore...
i think i'm sad today.

don't forget about me.


the Anderson's said...

Jade we are so happy to be here with you and Kody and Carson. We had a lot of fun with you yesterday! Don't feel frustrated. You both will figure out where you are suppose to be. But, it will work out - I promise. WE love you guys tons!

SummerOfLove said...

AAWWW HONEY!! dont feel so down n out. you have a ton of ppl here that love and care for you and that are here for you guys. no matter WAT~ and this might just b a lil bump in the road as far as ur concerned. things can only look up ya know. im glad that u get to have them come visit and hopefully ur parents can come soon enuf too/ if not aunt alanna's here. have no fear.....hahaha so i love ya tons gorgeous and take CARE! dont fret and enjoy the out of towners...ta ta!

Pres8Jes said...

hey jennie.
you should come hang out this weekend. mom and i want to go to moab.
im feelin kinda weird out of it today, im not sure why its a gloom.
thats why i think we should meet in the middle or something.
bring your son, i'll bring my daughter k

Mr. Furious said...

don't give up...