Saturday, October 11, 2008

Jeans jeams and jeans.

Lindsay has been making crafty surprises for blog people and I am jealous. I wish I had good crafty ideas. I'm going to make a give away on my blog or something.
I have been lazy today.... more like every day. I've been sick. And I just went tanning today and that was it. Now i'm making cupcakes. and going to make home made pizzas for dinner.
Me and Kody got an EPT Food Benefit Card with $385 dollars on it so we could buy foooooood for the fam while we are poor mCPoor. But we are getting closer and closer to finding him a job, I can feel it comin. I hope this UPS meeting/interview he has on wednesday works out. And i'm so glad because it's a new month started over on my phone yesterday so now I can text again, FOR JUST a LIttle bit....... I wish we had unlimited texting. What is with verizon, ew. And RejgGie is 14 weeks old today. Holy crap. I'm looking for great cozy winter shoes for him. He's really sweet ya know. I guess it's snowing in SLC. And it makes me glad that I'm here, because I'm not up for snow right now. We left our sweaters and boots and warm stuff boxed up at home. We neeed it. we do. It's been pretty chilly in the morning though. LIKE REALLY CHILLY that I can't get out of bed cause I'm so cold. Oh and the other day when we were running errands we saw this cute coffee shop called COOLBeans. And it was probably the most delicious place for treats I ever went. It had really cool yellow couches and I really liked the way they decorated it, it made me wish I could open a coffee shop and do that. It reminded me of my sisters though because I think they always said "cool beans". I think.
Not much else is new. Nothing is ever new. to me... but I guess there is a lot of change in my life. ALL the time. Me and Kody got lindsays baby boy a cute onesie today at Greenies, and her belly is getting cuter. Makes me miss mine.
And my dad sent me a cute card in the mail and made me smile really big. I miss him. LOTS AND LOTS. He said he waved at me when he was flying home from seattle. aww.
I'm making a surprise. oh just wait.


naturaljoy said...

Did you paint this picture? Where's that coffee shop? I want to enter your give away.

mimi said...

i love you jade. amy

Michelle said...

take me to this coffee shop! hope your issues stopped yesterday. feeling better yet?