Thursday, October 23, 2008


- looking for apartments
- waiting for jobs to call
- Lithia Ford called
- = cute
- watching cameron + lucas + reggie right now
- probably gonna live at stonegate for $550
- reggie is getting mocassins for his winter shoes
- i'm cutting my hair it's gross
- my sisters move out tomorrow, i'm jealouS.
- me and kody BOTh need new jeans
- oh and we got a paper route
- how do i make reggies scalp stop being so dry?
- jalapeno costume no longer at target... GREAT :(
- blah blahblah
- whats for dinner tonight?
- p.s. we are changing carsons name to reggie sky... just so you know


Pres8Jes said...

rub some tea tree oil on his little made good homemade potato soup tonight...we looked at our apartment, i'll give you my address and you can send me things. presley is coming to visit you guys in nov 4th...after we vote. tell redg i love him, you got a paper route??ha cute. i went to gateway the other night and thought of you. i know you want some cafe rio. bye!

Michelle said...

where's stongegate at? what are you doin monday? im gunna go look at the website right meow. have a good night jade baby.

Kelli Cornia said...

if he has cradle cap or whatever its called... you can put like baby oil on his head and scrub it with a toothbrush, it wont hurt him and it will make it go away!

naturaljoy said...

I hope the college stuff goes good for Kody. That would be so great if you're at Stonegate. Then we can help you with rides and stuff.

Pres8Jes said...

i moved some of my things YOUVE got to come over!!

um please dont scrub reggies head with a toothbrush.

Michelle said...

I liked my hair like that too. Everyday I think about cutting my hair. or growing it past my boobs. I dont know. I hope he gets the job! and you get your cute rd 68apartment. dang that website you talked about on here was expencive. jeez. Im workin, I hate work today.

BirthLady said...


I found that at birth the dry scaley scalp is due to dry/peeling skin. It is then suggested that you use oil or lotion. However, with my fourth little one, who I used oil on for this reason eventually didn't have the dry skin and it was the over use of the oils that was building up and looking all peely and flaky. It's too much of the oil/lotion. When I stopped using the lotion and just washed his head daily with baby soap that it cleared up. My guess would be at his age, it may be too much of the lotions and oils. If you haven't been using them, then disregard my advice and start using them.

Does that make sense??

Jan (aka Brthlady)

The Fords said...

oh I MISS you guys