Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Heres our pumpkins, mine, kodys, luc's, and baby regj. We ate at mcDonald's for dinner last night to celebrate Kody getting the job. Haha. And we put down a deposit on an apartment as well. Wish us more luck! :) Happy halloween on friday!


the Anderson's said...

Your Pumpkins are so cute! We are happy Kody find something. The thing to remember once you have a job - it is a lot easier to find something else. We love you guys - miss you tons too!

Michelle said...

well what mcDEes is he at? I want a dip cone. When do you find out if you got the apartment or not?

You've got to admit its gettin better, its getting better all the time.

Pres8Jes said...

cute punk's! i hope you get the place and once you/'re in i 'll send the penne rosa recipe to you so you can be a house wife cook queen.
come play at my house i really miss you guys and regg too. tell k o g hi for me. muchos love

cathmom said...

sweet, jade! i'm going to update my blog soon. i'll probably have pictures of the dogs in their outfits and hair bows. see you guys in 5 days!

SummerOfLove said...

YEAH!!! i knew things would turn out GOOd for you guys@!! im very happy for ur lil family!

The Fords said...

I love the pumpkins! Who did the Jack pumpkin? Looks just like Jack from Nightmare before christmas. Congrats on finding a job! LOVE YOU guys

naturaljoy said...

Tell me if you get the apartment, you can have our round kitchen table that's in Lindsay's house somewhere.

Michelle said...

yeah Im in a blog rut too.
I was going to start a new one
cause this one is old news.
old life. past tense.
but then I was like I dont even have anything to say.
except "hi, im michelle. I do weird things. Im not interesting today."

Im fine, really tired. I need like one day to sleep. I wish I could go to a spa. a niceeee one. we have 2 here I think. but they arent amazing.

how bout when we win the lottery we go to ikea and a spa and eat at pikes place? what do you say?

goingthroughabreakup said...

Hey Jade this is Inga.... I don't know if you remember me but i'll try to remind you... We were your neighbors while you still lived here (hopeffully that rings a bell).
well anyways i found you somehow i know really how, but i did and i think that we should hang out sometime. we still live where we used to.
i just made myself a blog and i think its really fun, but i don't know really how it works so yeah but you could try and find me i think i'll give you my url and if you want you could write back or whatever people do on these things. http://goingthroughabreakup.blogspot.com/

just livin the life said...

OH WOW!!! That is CRAZINESS!! ok we definitly need to see you asap!!
so you live here now huh... yeah so anytime you want to hang give us a call!! i'll give you our numbers.
yeah i go to Kamiakin and i love it, Diana goes to CBC. she doesn't work anywhere, well she used to work at a doctors office but then the doctor died... weird how that happens. so then she went to work at Let's Party but she quit recently because she started college.
i really miss all of you guys!!
oks so Diana's numner is 438-8021
and i don't have a phone yet but im getting there, but i steal my moms all the time and its 308-5807
and you can text anytime or call and we have to hang out and catch up and all this news!!! and i wanna see your baby!!