Saturday, October 25, 2008


It was so calm and quiet today, and I've liked it. Kody went fishing and so me and Lin and amy and the childrens went and got pumpkins and that was about all. I've been relaxing at home pretty much all day. Made some salsa... ya... Reggie's been acting older today and playing and he rolled over and makes funny noises. He's pretty cute. Yeah, and I've been looking at JuicyCouture bags again. Just like I was doing at this same time last year. I just want one so bad. A big big black one with the silk bow on the side. Oh my gosh. And yesterday we went to Stonegate apartments and looked at them inside and I liked them. The kitchen was kinda cute and newer and had little silver knobs on the cabinets and the rooms were pretty spacious compared to the other apartments I've seen. I'm satisfied, fine with me. We're putting in applications on Monday and a deposit to hold it. So I hope hope hope it will be ours on NOVEMBER 15. If we miss this one again and some one else gets it before us, I might cry. Oh and some more news is that Kody had his second interview with mc'dees on Friday and we're pretty sure he's hired. Said they'd call on Monday but were really nice and happy to him and all that. So whatever it's a job, we're happy. Crossing my fingers... for mcdonalds job. Hahah.
I'm really excited to carve pumpkins this year too. I don't know why. I'm weird. And I want some hot chocolate with marshmellows sooooooooooooooooo bad....


Michelle said...

Im so happy you are guys are doin good. when are we gunna visit each other? Ive got tomorrow off. I bet cool beans has hot chocolate...lets go!

mimi said...

i'm happy you guys are here. please stay.
there's absolutely nothing wrong with that job. just having a place to work these days is one of my gratefuls.
i want to hold your baby boy again