Saturday, October 4, 2008

are you serioussssss

So we were craving lemon bars sooo bad on thursday night. Me and Kody decided to make them late late anyway. Kody even went to the grocery store for eggs at 10:00 just so we could make them. finally after putting them in the oven... waiting for them to cook... the timer dinged and kody ran to get them out, and... I heard a big bang noise and Kody running to the sink with Lemon bars, allllll over him, and all over the floor and I guess the pan burned his arm so he dropped it and then the burning hot lemon bars got all over his hand and burned him again and again. Oh boy, and then I looked for ice in the freezer, NO ICE. So we put his arms and hand on some frozen meat. And now he has a big blister red mark all over his hand. With part of his skin burned off on his arm. and the lemon bars were gone. But don't worry, we made more the next day. Poooor Kody! It was hurting him so bad we ran to walmart at 1 in the morning to get burnjel and a bag of ice so he could finally sleep that night

and thennnn today I woke up and went to Gabriels soccer game with Regj and Kody and on the way home we decided we would go to Richland to look around for fun and right as we get off the exit we hear a pop noise and our car gets a flat tire.............. so we drive like two miles an hour until we can get off at the next exit... let me remind you that we are running out of money at the moment, soooo GREAATTTTT news was this. Andrey helped us put on a spare and we went to downtown pasco and found a creepy little tire shop with a little 12 year old boy and his dad who said they would fix it for $10. Oh dear.

What a weekend....

P.S. the low income 4BR we wanted, just got a deposit put down and is no longer available..
Pooo :(
Hope next week is better lucklklkl


naturaljoy said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry. Come over if you ever want to like steal anything out of my pantry. You guys really are troopers.

Mr. Furious said...

don't give up! it's always harder the closer you get to the top. you need some cosmic intervention--pray, pay your tithing, ctr--let God open some doors.