Monday, September 15, 2008

We're leavin next weekend! I've already started packing our stuff in boxes! I'm nervous. and excited. I'm glad to get away. I hope we find a sweet little place.
Carson is 2 months old. Time is just going going way too fast. I feel like before I even know it i'm going to be forty. Holy smokes.
I'm getting excited for fall also. I don't know what Carson is going to be for Halloween. But it's not like he can eat any candy anyways. Mom and Lindsay and Luke are on their way home right now! I'm so anxious to find out what Lindsay is having, I can't even wait.
I wish I could make a very delicious dinner tonight.
But the kitchen is dry of any single food to eat.
Nobody remembered to get the Winder dairy out of the box last wednesday so we threw it all away by the time we realized it was in there. And we haven't had any cheese or milk all week.
I love when the house is clean.
And I hate verizon.
Stupid phone bill.


Vicky said...

He is changing so much, Jade! ps...40's not so bad! ;)

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