Tuesday, August 12, 2008

so i just made a big mixing bowl full of mac n sauce for me and to share with kody when he gets home.
i'm so bored so much of the time when reggie is sleeping.
which by the way he is ONE MONTH OLD TODAY! holy cRap!
he also weighed 10lbs. 15 oz. at his appt. today.
i know, he is just growing like crazy.
he's gonna be a big huge football player or something and beat me and kody up!

i cleaned our whole room finally. it was a pig stye. you have no idea. we havent slept in there since the spider incident, and i'm STILL trying to get over it.
i think i just love sleeping on the couch. and that's it.

carson was blessed on saturday. it was cool.
and i have some other news too.
okay, so i'm getting baptized on august 24.
pretty cool huh.
it's something i always wanted to do, and have always thought about.
but never have, and i always blamed it on me being so shy.
but the time is just flying by.


cassie said...

jade - cafe - you me - & a sleeping or an awake carson sky reggie boy

common, you know you wanna get outta the house and show off your precious little ball of 100% cuteness.

lovely lindsay said...

um... what?! that's huge! when? where? that makes me so so so happy. i love you, little jade.
happy happy one month birthday reggie-dear!
love, lin

Vicky said...

I was so sad and so were my girls, that we had to miss the blessing. Congrats on setting a date to be baptized. That will be so awesome!

The Fords said...

Jade i'm so excited for you! I can't wait to see you, kody and the baby on saturday!

naturaljoy said...

To bad we're gone. It's so great you want to get baptized.