Wednesday, March 5, 2008

easter is happy colors

and i'm making these!!!!!
i have been getting really interested in cake design and decorating, i think that would be a really cool business to make big huge pretty cakes, and i might take a little class i found around here. hmmm...

oh dear, so much is going on this next month.
and kody works till midnight every day. so i'm like almost on my own with planning. please help me find cute ideas and a prettty dress for my big nervous day coming! ahhhhhh

heres my two cake ideas i'm probably doing the pink:

cute huh?


Pres&Jes said...

i like the pink one./
very pretty yet simple.
2 girls at my work make cakes on the side.
i put a pic of us on my blog
christine stole my fire engine red polish, i think its locked in her room.
get it get it girl

naturaljoy said...

This is so exciting Jade, I really hope I can get out of my bed and come, tell your baby to tell my baby to come now:) Tell us more about your wedding!

lovely lindsay said...

i vote for the yellow one. it looks super easy to make for cake makers. maybe just a smaller one? it's really sweet and spring and happy.

mimi said...

oh - i want to help you make that yellow cake! i love spring time. i love that you are happy.