Friday, February 8, 2008

happy day

it's a little boy.


Michelle said...

is he sucking his thumb?

he is a real baby for real jade

he's lookin good.
I like that I can call him a he now.

Steen said...

i think he's cute already. you're far braver than i am.

lovely lindsay said...

well look at that! he's real cute already. thumb suckers grow up to be really smart. i should know. i can't believe you got such a good picture of him. luc was looking very alien in all of his. have you felt his wiggles yet?

Pres&Jes said...

now im going to buy him things.

Noëlla said...

i was telling natalie how if you are having a boy i have things for you!!!!

and i hope when you are done with all the baby boy things you save them for me for when i have a baby boy in some years.

Noëlla said...

i'm having a baby boy one day. i know so. boys are really fun, i love baby boys. girls are fun too tho. but you have pres to hang with you know.
im sending the package tomorrow of things. they are so tiny i love it.

i think Oliver is a cute boy name. but sam wants to name our kid oliver. hahaha , weird. and Urbain is cute. its french ish. i always said Ace would be my boys name if he was an only child.
Ari, Myles, Spencer, Fenton, Landon, Maddock, Lance, Kaleb.

those are some i like .
i gather names when i hear them.

Noëlla said...

can i baby sit ?
because when i move there im gonna be having children withdrawls. because i wont be able to see my tom & jill anymore.
so i want to baby sit. okay?

tell me when you get the package im excited for you get it.
tell me if you like the things. yes yes okay

BirthLady said...

My Natalie was born sucking her thumb. Comes in handy, not like a pacifier that they can throw as the get older and not retrieve on their own. They will always have their thumb. Natalie stopped sucking hers all on her own, I never had to suggest she stop. Though even now, when she is doing her college homework I see her with her thumb just touching her lips. Not sucking.. just kind of sitting there. It's adorable.

I wish you love and peace as you embark on this wonderful, scarey, exciting, journey. Like I posted on your Mom's blog, I don't think she will step aside.. I think she will walk alongside you and be there in whatever capacity you need her to be. She's a great Mom and role model for me. Like the quote from "It's a Wonderful Life" GOD BLESS US ONE AND ALL!

mimi said...

thanks for the cookies, jade.
cameron and i just fought over the last one.
please send more.
come see us.....

alexandra-jade said...