Friday, January 11, 2008


well i just handwashed all the dishes.
and then i made some of my famous salsa.
oh how i long for a trip to washington.


Selenblume said...

you should come here,
except your family will never let you. and bring Kody so I can meet him. I like how we are good friends, but no one really knows.

Cassaundra said...

jade. shmeeeeeeeeed.
its me cassie.
i havent talked to in you 100 years.

now we can.
we are silent when we are around each other.
its kind of funny/

(p.s. good cupcakes)

Selenblume said...

hi ill be back on here to talk to you

I hate the internet
and how everything and everyone is
exactly the same always

dont let home life stress you out

ill do the same. talk to me