Tuesday, January 29, 2008

courage bird

todays a big day for me i guess you could say. as nervous as i am,... i get to go meet my midwife. MY VERY OWN. it's so crazy and weird to me still. all this. scary. but here i go. wish me big girl luck today.


Steen said...

we did share a silent breakfast. when i took the cereal i thought maybe you were reading the back of the box so i felt bad and put it right back in front of you. good luck with your baby business. i'm the black sheep of the family now. i should adopt.

cassaundra said...

i'm excited for you.

and a while ago i was thinkin the same thin, that christine needs to go get a baby. haha!

but did you like those links i gave you?

lovely lindsay said...

brave, on the rocks.

naturaljoy said...

sending over every baby karma my big baby belly can send, I'm glad that you atleast get a midwife who will be gentle with you, good luck on this journey.

Pres&Jes said...

black sheep is a good band though.
i'll be off work soon to see you jenny.
will you tell me all about it?

Mr. Furious said...

ummmm...i love you...more big decisions ahead...be brave and strong and choose the right...and i love you

MICHELLE said...

hi I want to write you a message but not on here
and your myspace is dumb and I cant find any possible way to send you one...so
email? or

send me a message on myspace so i can reply.

k thanks.
and I hope your midwife is nice.


MICHELLE said...

alright I sent it to your email.
what did the midwife say?

Anonymous said...

it's hilary

call me please